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Electric cars, Hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles website directory Citroen Evie Gem Cars Nissan Leaf Electric Car Search new and used cars anywhere in the UK, searching by location and / or for cars with certain features. There is also an active forum and a community for car lovers. is run by the UK’s leading car rental comparison company. The importance of eco friendly cars including links to several websites about the history, costs and facts about electric cars. Information about alternative fuels for cars. Recouces for Eco Friendly Commuting Explains both the draw backs and advantage of electric verses gas cars with many links to articles. This guide offers lots of helpful information such as: A beginner-friendly introduction to electric cars (EVs) and why they're increasingly becoming popular, as well as a brief history of electric vehicle development (dating all the way back to the 1800s!) Differences between electric cars and hybrid electric/diesel models, as well as examples of brands and models of EVs in the market today Government grants, tax advantages, and other public support enjoyed by electric car owners. Other useful information, advice, and resources to help you decide if an electric car is right for you


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